Keep these basic tips in mind as you start marketing on the internet. Common knowledge for many, but often overlooked.

Invest in a simple, yet professional website. I know it’s tempting to have your son/employee/best friend, throw something together for you, but your image is at stake. Those links need to work. You need your site to load fast and look the same in every browser. Pay a professional.

Have an easy to spell domain name. Why? So that people can remember, even without writing it down. Think elementary school easy. If possible, your domain should also include your most important keywords. If you are a beauty salon in Detroit, Michigan. Then you’ll want to register the name of your salon as well as a domain with the keywords. (Example: Register

An entire page just to say welcome – probably isn’t necessary. Keep it as a simple introduction in the first paragraph. You may want to forgo a welcome and instead jump right into what your company can do for them. That’s what the visitor really wants to know!

Make the phone number of your business easy to find. Web visitors can be a little lazy and will backclick to find another site very quickly. Some visitors will read thru all of your content. Some will simply seek out the phone number and give you a call right away. Having an ‘email only’ option can be a mistake if your building the business. You need to hear what they have to say. It will make your website better and faster.

Less than 5 years ago, everyone turned to the YelloW Pages to find and check out a business. I had a friend who would keep the Yellow Pages from past years to reference how long a business, had been in business. He had quite a stack….

Today people turn to the internet, so make your site an easy one to buy from and get the information that they need.

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