You’re probably wondering what’s most effective way to get a ton of traffic to your site. The problem is that not one method, but a cross section of methods is what will bring the traffic pouring in.

Here a a few of the top ways of getting traffic to your site.

Pay-per-click or PPC. Which means you write a small ad and submit to Google,Bing or Msn. Every time your ad is clicked you pay a fee. Very cool because you can turn the traffic right on like a faucet. The downside is that most of the ads lose money and this can happen fast if you don’t know what you are doing.

Online newsletter/blog/ezine. They all serve the same purpose. Keep the customer informed and coming back for more information and to buy more. Invite them back to your site through email and they’ll see what cool new things your company is doing.

Search engine Optimization or SEO. With SEO there are several ways to optimize your site for search engines using sitemaps that can be easily read by Google. There are even certain web site platforms known to be preferred in search. This is a long term tactic that should be tweaked and monitored so that it grows over time.

Linking. Links can take time to develop, but are definitely worth the effort. When you have relevant links pointing from authority sites to your site, it can push you UP in the search. Which means your site is viewed as more important. Links from places like Digg, Squidoo and even links within your site – all help.

Social Media Marketing. Target your ideal client on social media sites. These newer social sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to build a fan base for your site very quickly. Start a fan page on Facebook for your business, interact and gain exposure for your site. Twitter will allow you to “tweet” helpful tips to followers and build an email list too.

Viral Marketing. Out of all the methods, I think this one can be the most fun. Create a short video for youtube that will grab attention. A video that used exploding milk, forwarded people to a vegan website to get on their email list. Think creative, fun and short.

Article Marketing. There are article databases that the search engines hold in high regard. The articles are not just placed on the site, but others can use them for their site or newsletter(they have to leave your info on the article) which will give you more traffic. Articles take time to produce but are proven to keep traffic coming in for years.

These are just a few of the ways to generate traffic. Start with one, master it, track your results and move on to add another one. Together these methods are very effective for tons of traffic to your site. Choose one to start and have at it.

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